Choir of E.Mikeladze Central Music School 

Singing Makes Perfect!!! 


     The Choir of E.Mikeladze Central Music School was founded in 2010 by professional choral conductor Badri Jimsheleishvili who is the choir director and professional musician Lamara Taktakishvili, deputy head of the E. Mikeladze Central Music School. 

  The choir includes children and youth boys and girls who are separated into three voices and sing Georgian traditional folk songs and chants under the choir motto "Singing Makes Perfect".



  The Georgian people have the century-old history of choral music. The Georgian songs have always been permanent companion of people in happiness, difficulty, work, war and in several kind of circumstances. Therefore, Georgian folk music variously describes the unique traditions and heritage of Georgia. 

   Our main goal is to share our cultural treasure with foreigners by organizing international tours in different parts of the world, participating in international choral festivals and holding solo concerts in foreign countries. Since many people do not know about our country, its traditions and natural beauty, it is an honor for us to support the popularization of Georgia and do our national job!




   General comment from the judges of Golden Gate Festival to the choir:

 "This is a unique that cannot be judged by the parameters of the competition. They represent an ancient and unique tradition that has been aurally passed. We admire the vocal technique and the commitment to the sanctity of the tradition and the heritage".





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